As part of our core leadership team, we have Elders.  ‘Elder’ is a strange word as we don’t use it much in our culture, except maybe to refer to senior citizens.  But its a word that comes from the Bible and simply means someone who watches over the church, an Overseer.  Elders are particularly responsible for preaching, teaching and pastoral care as well as general oversight of the Fellowship.

At LBC we believe both men and women can serve as Elders, and they carry responsibility for the spiritual welfare of the Church.  Every member has responsibility in this, but the Elders are recognised and affirmed by the local congregation as having been chosen by God to oversee and lead the church.

The distinction between Elders and Deacons is sometimes put this way – “Elders serve by leading, Deacons lead by serving”.

Here are our elders:

Margaret Dunn

Jim Neilson

Trish O’Brien

Ian Patterson

David Bloomer

Alan Milnes

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