Our church is open to all who want to follow Jesus, as well as those who are seeking meaning and purpose in life.  We are not surprised when people of all backgrounds come in our midst to find God. And we trust they will not be disappointed. The truth is, God is always at work in his world, but hopefully our gatherings are times to really tune into what he is saying and doing.

Anyone is welcome to attend our worship gatherings, groups and activities, but those who are ready to participate and play an active role in deciding the future direction of the church are encouraged to consider membership.  Membership provides a mutual understanding between each believer and the wider community of the church, as well as a healthy support network to build us up in our faith.

The way we become members of the church is by declaring our faith in Jesus through baptism and learning together to live our lives for him.  We have written details of the things we commit to, and everyone who wants to join is encouraged to read our constitution and bring questions to the church leaders.  This is not about rules and regulations, but about helping folks get a clear grasp of our vision and values before making a decision.  There are no secret terms or conditions.

We know Leslie Baptist Church is far from perfect, but we find healing and restoration takes place when folk get on track with God.

Please speak to us if you are interested.

Led by Christ : Forward Together