About Us

Leslie Baptist Church is a community of Christians – those who recognise and have faith in Jesus Christ as their leader and ruler.  We say things like: ‘Jesus is Lord’, ‘Christ is our King’, and ‘God is our Father’.

For two-thousand years, since the earliest days of the church’s existence, followers of Jesus have been called ‘Christians’.  We have faith and hope in Jesus, who has embodied everything that God is.  We learn about him, and what it looks like to follow him from the Bible.

Jesus gathered  a bunch of his friends around him and called them his ‘disciples’.  All true Christians are disciples – people who journey with and become more and more like Jesus.  This is something that is demonstrated in our lives every day –  how we live, love and work.  We are called to be faithful to God in everything: generosity, mercy, forgiveness, power and compassion.  We make mistakes like everyone else – we’re far from perfect.  But Jesus taught and demonstrated what God is like, even loving and forgiving his enemies when they betrayed and crucified him.

After Jesus was crucified, God raised him up to life, out of the grave never to die again! We call this ‘resurrection’.  And then Jesus told his disciples to share the good news with everyone and to make more and more disciples.  That’s our priority – teaching and helping everyone to love God and follow Jesus.

Since Jesus returned to his Father in heaven, we talk about the presence, power and person of the ‘Holy Spirit’.  This simply means that God is near, up close and personal with us now, even though we cannot see him.  We have been given power to follow Jesus, because God dwells within us.

A Little Bit of LBC History
Thomas Lister was a young man born and raised in the town of Leslie. He gave his life to Jesus Christ at the age of 12, and from the very start he would hold gospel meetings for his friends in wash-houses, cottages, and wherever else he could get an opening. Between the ages of 12 and 19 he would get up at 6am just about every morning and study for three hours before going to his work in the local bank. This was preparation. At the grand old age of 19 he left the banker’s desk to become the founder and first minister of Leslie Baptist Church in 1880. WOW! He ministered here for ten years and a flourishing Baptist cause was established and remains to this very day. What a legacy!

We are a Baptist Church, in covenant with the Baptist Union of Scotland. In addition we consider ourselves part of the charismatic movement.

Please feel free to bring any questions you need to ask.  We invite you to come along and spend some time with us.  That’s the best way to get a flavour of our values and beliefs.

Led by Christ : Forward Together