Messy Church

LBC MC BannerMessy Church at Leslie Baptist Church is an informal, child-friendly family service for all ages, so no need to worry about the younger kids making a noise or running about.  In fact, they are encouraged to do so. With games, painting and craft activities, singing and stories, the children, together with mums and dads, grannies and granddads are invited to take part in a themed programme designed to bring the whole family together in a church setting.  We finish our time together with a yummy indoor picnic.

Whilst the material is particularly suited to younger children 2 – 7 years old, all ages are welcome.  Please note that all children must be accompanied by an adult.

We look forward to welcoming you at our January Messy Church. Please keep an eye on this page for Messy Church beyond that.

All activities and the picnic are free.

Please feel free to right click and save the image below for a printable leaflet.

Messy Church Poster

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