Leadership Team

Led by Christ, Forward Together

Leadership in a Baptist Context

As Baptists we believe that all believers have access to God and have gifts to use in His Service, nevertheless certain individuals have been recognised as particularly blessed with gifts of Leadership


At LBC we believe both men and women can serve as Elders, and they carry responsibility for the spiritual welfare of the Church. Every member has responsibility in this, but the Elders are recognised and affirmed by the local congregation as having been chosen by God to oversee and lead the church.

Rev. Amie Aitken

We are delighted to have Amie as our Pastor serving alongside the other Elders, she is currently leading us through Vision Planning.

Margaret Dunn

Margaret primarily looks after the Pastoral Care of the Fellowship.

Jim Neilson

Jim heads up the Preaching team and the Building Project Funding Team.

Alan Milnes

Alan is Chair of the Trustees and is responsible for Governance. He also serves on the tech team.


Our Deacons are elected from within the congregation to serve in a range of crucial roles within the church – dealing with money, distributing practical resources, managing property, social events, administration, youth and children's work, coordinating housegroups, evangelism, world mission and more. Our Deacons work closely with the Elders and other members of the church to help make things run smoothly. Two key Deacon roles are those of Church Secretary (responsible for the administration of the Church) and Church Treasurer (responsible for the finances of the Church).

Kathleen Dick

Kathleen is our Church Secretary. She is responsible for the administration of the Church and communication with external bodies.

Carol Neilson

Carol is our Church Treasurer and oversees the finances of the Church. She is also involved with Community Lunches and the Building Project Team.

Evelyn Wilson

Evelyn looks after our Housegroups programme and also oversees the Toddlers group that meets on a Monday and a Friday.

Evelyn Young

Evelyn recently stepped down as Treasurer and will soon be starting a new role within the team.

Christine Brown

Christine leads our community Lunches programme and serves as Missionary secretary, liaising with our missionaries overseas.

Fraser Watson

Fraser heads up our Children's and Youth programme and serves on the tech team.

Other Servants

Certain other people at LBC have significant roles but are not currently part of the formal leadership team.

Ross Tulloch

Ross heads up the Worship Team and is a gifted musician.